Transforming Identity-Based Security with Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense and Okta Identity Threat Protection Platform

Mobile devices are an integral part of today’s organizations and our daily digital lives. As these devices continue to proliferate across users and enterprises, our endpoint attack surface is expanding as well, presenting a sprawl that security teams are scrambling to cover and protect.

According to Zimperium’s 2023 Global Mobile Threat Report, 80% of phishing attacks targeted mobile devices, or were designed to function on both mobile devices and desktops. Zimperium is committed to securing mobile devices and ensuring that mobile-powered businesses can operate safely and securely.

To address this growing risk, the company is excited to announce it is a founding integration partner of Okta’s Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI, delivering real-time identity threat protection and enhancing the security of joint customers.

Zimperium MTD + Okta – Securing Mobile Devices Against Identity-Based Threats

Zimperium’s industry leading Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) integrates real-time threat intelligence and rich threat context into the Okta Identity Threat Protection platform, for accelerated risk assessments. This approach balances prevention, detection, and response while continuously assessing risk.

As a leader in protecting against mobile threats, Zimperium was designed to cover the full breadth of the mobile attack surface, including device, network, application, and Web. By integrating with Okta’s Identity Threat Protection platform, Zimperium detects and shares threat signals with Okta, enabling organizations to trigger automated countermeasures and actions.

We are very excited to be one of the initial integration vendors, and the only MTD vendor, providing real-time mobile threat and risk intelligence for managed and unmanaged devices—a core component of a zero trust architecture. By sharing continuous risk posture data with Okta, organizations have the insights they need to enforce strong identity and access controls, and automatically respond to threats. This represents a shift in how identity-based security is executed.

The risks we’re seeing in today’s threat landscape—such as malware, phishing, and other identity-based threats—exacerbates the need for constant scrutiny and attention even within a zero trust framework. Corporate devices and the environments in which they operate are constantly changing and require an active, run-time threat protection solution to always know the exact risk posture of the device.

To enable real-time detection and response for identity-based threats across the user journey, Okta brought industry leading security partners like Zimperium into their Shared Signals pipeline to break down silos, reduce the costs of a best-of-breed approach, and strengthen Identity threat detection.

Securing Mobile-Powered Business

Zimperium was founded under the premise that the mobile security offerings at the time were insufficient to solve evolving mobile security threats. Most mobile security was managed via a port from traditional endpoint security solutions. Zimperium recognized mobile devices had unique characteristics needing a completely new approach. The team reimagined how to protect mobile devices and developed the award winning patented z9 on-device dynamic detection engine which underscores the Zimperium Mobile-First Platform™.

Zimperium MTD detects known and unknown threats by analyzing the behavior of a mobile device and accurately identifying mobile system deviations, applications that behave as malware, anomalous network traffic, and advanced phishing attacks. To learn more about how Zimperium MTD can provide your enterprise with comprehensive mobile security, click the link here!

Author: Chris Cinnamo

Product Management. View the author’s experience and accomplishments on LinkedIn.

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